Trouble Shooting

7BK - my main class for trialling SPARK - MIT initiatives are just lovely. They tolerate and buy into me trying new things out on a very regular basis. AND they tell me they love Art. What more can I hope for :-)

Going week to week, sending out mass copies of google drawings to be completed by the class is messy and confusing. Particularly when we are enrolling new students all the time who are not necessarily added to your Hapara class lists...

I lost my phone again. And my keys (not new). And my head doing this. I had messed around in workspace and then decided not to use it. Now it can be made public and now that I am steadily confusing myself with what is sent and what is not, I have come to the realisation, it is the cleanest and most effective way to get their literacy work out to the class.

Their Hapara drive looked like this:

 Which was my fault....

We were all confused and only got about 20 minutes of practical art work done in a lesson...that is not fun. I persisted with this for a while before I decided I was making my life worse.

WORKSPACE - I think has saved my life

How tidy is this? I can set up the do nows as 'evidence' it is public and I am about to link it to my site so that they can enter through there too.

Life is better.


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