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Google slide for developing a unit of work with the students

Working on systemising how we break down the units so that the students can relate it back to their analysis on google drawings of each strand based on examples of work.

The idea being that we create and discuss the unit and it is added to as students experiences and understanding unravels in that first lesson. Will be seeing how it goes this coming week.

My notes from a research paper on leadership for learning

These are my notes from an article that I chose to summarise for my study group on developing a positive professional development culture in a school. We are all researching and developing our own PLD experience (using MKO for mine) and this in particular resonated with me in regards to how success or the lack of, can happen. The term 'paraprofessionals' was new for me. I like how that goes such a long way to explain how we place value in these roles and how that can ultimately determine our success. 

Making the Language Real and Accessable

Talking myself around in circles. The plan here is to make something that students can use to create their own DLO's. This is why I haven't bothered with Quizlet or Kahoots. They are engaging, accessible, and relatively easy to use. However, I want the children to be able to make something that they can digitally keep and refer back to. Without the language. I have some hesitation is continuing to use google draw, I don't want to come out of this one trick pony. But I do see it suiting my needs here.

I envisage crating a bank of language that is specific to each curriculum level, each curriculum strand. Flash cards/definitions that can then be applied to one art image or piece of documentation in making art. Students can then have their image surrounded by 4 to 10 different card, different colours as strands never sit neatly as one task per strand.