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Using Assemblage Sculpture as a Cultural Convention and Communal Art Work

So I went to this whole day presentation by the Manaia Kalani group pitching to our school cluster to be an outreach programme. There were parts that I really enjoyed in relation to my classroom practice with little reference to elearning.

One part was that of a breakdown of how the Treaty can be viewed in relation to good practice. A break down;

Manaakitanga - is a collective consideration, derived from the word 'Mana'. Mana being the prestigious holding of power and authority whilst in service of others.

Rangatiratanga - collective control, the application of Mana.

So in my previous struggle to figure out how the Treaty of Waitangi can be made a little bit more meaningful in how we do what we do and why, I feel like this suddenly helps me see the links in using relational practice, discursive practice and how it all fits together in Modern Learning Pedagogy.

At year 12 and 13, we are working towards creating a communal sculpture assemblage-based. Our issue is shelter, our medi…