Language Accessibility Again

DI***********.jpgWhat worked DI.jpgUse artist model DI.jpgAnnotations DI.jpgDI************.jpgDI**************.jpgMeaning DI.jpgBeauty in your mistakes DI.jpgDI*******************.jpgDI*****************.jpg

From this,


to this...

This does work, but, man, the language is hard in the CI and UC strands for them. A lot of repetition is needed. And some definitions still need tweaking.

Not all of the words are straight from the curriculum statements. In each strand I have included words I teach to, and have taught to. For example 'Tache' in PK.

Next steps; 
- Starting at a level below what I think they are
- Building up a cache of language google drawings that they 'get' quickly and can start to show some fluency in,
- Applying the words to their own and others pieces of Art pieces and building a communal bank.
- Making this accessible to other teachers to start using and add to.
- Measuring student's performance from starting to finishing and within curriculum work over the year. Using self-assessment as well as teacher based assessment.
- How does this link into SOLO and how I am re-structuring units of work around Learn, Create, Share.


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