Year 7 and 8 Extension Art Programme

This has been running for the last two and a half weeks. Students were selected by their J block teachers as having shown an aptitude for Art AND being deserving of the opportunity. It does not mean that students are not talented if they didn't get selected, but the numbers were kept small deliberately. The Kete system does allow for the teaching of Art, and students have done some very cool stuff this year with their teachers using the Visual Arts strands.

Students worked on developing an A2 page of drawing centred around themselves. Easy - we started with their name and then extended it out to drawing stuff about them. They took it really seriously and have worked consistently on these, some taking their work home to complete and some staying during break times too.





  1. great to see the students seizing the opportunity to express themselves through art.

  2. I have enjoyed watching these pieces develop in the art room - well done!


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