Year 7 & 8 Extension Progress

On Friday morning, The group of students doing extension Art will be presenting their work through their Hui. I have not been to one of these before, so this will be my first time.

We have had a go at some spray painting to create tonal and textural grounds to work on top of and painting back into these with white paint. This has been a lot more challenging for the students and they have tried really hard.

This has been an interesting learning curve for me in regards to how to manage that learning phase that is not as close to developing abstract thought. Breaking teaching sequences into smaller steps has been more important.

In working on a tonally darker ground, students had to figure out how tone worked in the first place, almost backwards to their traditional learning when it comes to drawing. they already have a mid tone or a dark tone in place, so instead of drawing their mid tones onto the surface with a pencil, pressing harder where they want an area darker, they have to reverse their thinking - applying more white paint or chalk where they want an area of their drawing lighter, leaving the ground in tact where the tone is already there. It's a little like the visual equivalent of patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time. Students have to ignore their natural instinct to apply more of their drawing medium to the surface to darken their tone.
Kingston progress



Kingston finished
Kingston Progress

Mikayla Progress
Mikayla finished


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