End Of 2014 - Using a Blog to Collect Evidence for Teaching Criteria

SO, we started using google sites just recently for creating ubiquitous and hopefully discursive teaching in our classrooms. Anna Taylor (in the photo) and I worked together to set ourselves up with a professional blog, having  started the morning with some work on our google sites. Then we located the teaching criteria and the first one listed was:

1. establish and maintain effective
professional relationships focused on
the learning and well-being of all
i. engage in ethical, respectful, positive and
collaborative professional relationships
• ākonga
• teaching colleagues, support staff and
other professionals
• whānau and other carers of ākonga
• agencies, groups and individuals in
the community

The first step for us was to use each other to figure out the best approach for this. I have used blogs previously, but only for Year 12 and 13 photography, rather than an all out approach to collecting evidence of being a professional teacher.

Next step, new posts, a day out during the summer holidays in which we work together as a group on blogs...


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