Start of 2015

We need a selfie stick! Today we are working on the best mocktail recipes, and blogs and google sites, in the country heat of Swannanoa, locked inside away from rather large blowflies, dobermanns and the nor'wester when it winds up every now and then.

Intentions for today are for the 'culture vultures' to get more comfortable with each other's blogs, for us to hoepfully facilitate each other's learning on blogs and to then work on. All without vodka...

still working...

So we intended this day to be about working on our blogs and google sites. This was a collaboration of colleagues who all had similar goals. We have succeeded in further up-skilling ourselves in blogger, albeit with frustrations with the technology, and we have nicknamed ourselves the 'culture vultures'. Rhymes well, but I am not sure about the meaning we are mean't to draw from it. Katie maintains it is 'sexy'. ? Don't they eat dead things? All of us are set up for continuing on with this process of gathering supporting information around the registered teachers criteria within our own practice, we have set up our own mini learning community that covers a number of the humanities within the school, and could easily and willingly cater for a more diverse range of representation, though we are just a group of colleagues who are also friends, and we are responding and supporting our own learning needs locally.

We will organise another learning time for google sites following this.


  1. Looking good Clemence the culture vultures are taking over the world!!!!!!!


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