2017 Inquiry

Our Inquiry for Visual Arts this year is a joint one, focussing on how best to spread the load of specialty skills across as many senior students as possible.

Can Teacher Collaboration Improve Student Achievement in Senior Art Classes?

Our progress so far has been to set up the google sheets to track at least the first 6 weeks of each class in the senior school for Art. I would expect these to develop and grow based on how we use them.

There is the intention that these are used to make sure no student is left behind in being given feedback and kept up to speed.

We have also organised to split up the line 3 and 4 classes and share the teaching across those lines. We do have differing styles and expectations so it may take a little time to adjust to this. however, if students are truly working to their own goals and are there for the right reasons, this should come together.

At this point in time we have one over subscribed class of 37, one of 33, one of 13 and one of 22. Because we chose to mix our levels, there was a lack of communication between the three levels in general about numbers, so this is an issue that needs clarifying.

By the end of 2017, I want to be able to say we gave every senior student the best possible chance with teacher expertise available to direct their own learning. I want every student to be able to direct their own learning, rather than lean on the teacher or dismiss their own chances because the right teacher is not there.


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